Craftin’ Outlaws Winter 2015

For the past 10  years Craftin’ Outlaws has been growing and changing the way we look at handmade items in Columbus, Ohio.  I was happy to once again be a part of something so amazing.


Craftin’ Outlaws Spring Fling 2015

I was honored to be asked once again to be the in house photographer for the Craftin’ Outlaws spring show this year!

I am privileged to meet so many talented crafters, artists, and people. As someone who also makes and sells my homemade goods I know how much sweat, love and energy goes into every piece you make.

Stay crafty you lovely outlaws!

Prints & Canvas & Blocks Oh’ My.

So not only do I enjoy capturing memories and smiles for families, but I enjoy doing it for myself as well.  You may not have known, but I have had an Etsy shop dedicated to selling my personal work since 2011.

I really enjoy creating things that I hold near and dear to my heart.  Mostly it consists of Polaroids, my personal drawings, and other creations.

SeeBee Photography

A trio of prints onto gallery blocks

SeeBee Photography

Snowy track Polaroid – matted and framed

SeeBee Photography

Canvas or print

SeeBee Photography


Many of my drawings I end up framing, or doing transfers onto real wood blocks or little containers.

You can always order from me directly by emailing or visit my Etsy shop:


Craftin’ Outlaws – November 2014

This fall I was honored to be asked to be the in house photographer for the best show around: Craftin’ Outlaws.

A place where you can show your creative side, wares, sarcasm, and love for all things handmade.


Let me get this off my chest…i’m a poor blogger.

Many times I have started these pages and they never seem to get past the first post.

But not this time! This will be a new creative outlet with all my thoughts and ramblings on past & present work.  The work done for my clients as well as myself.

So to start, I wanted to share some images I took at the Perkins Observatory.  The place itself is…interesting.  Off the beaten path, it can be found by following a very small sign, up a dirt road (through a golf course).

I’ve never seen another person at this location each time i’ve been there.  In fact, I’m convinced it has been shut down each time, but the fliers out front state they are in fact open for tours.

SeeBee Photography


The windows are one step away from being boarded up.  Power lines have fallen in the back, water is pooled at the bottom of the basement stairs, and moss covers the stairs.

SeeBee Photography

It didn’t really feel ‘creepy’ to me however until I later reviewed the images.  They seemed like they were of an abandoned building, even though they were not.

SeeBee Photography

While I was there it actually started to storm.  I jumped into my car at the last minute, and waited it out. Afterwards it was almost surreal.  Every plant and bug was covered in water droplets and a light mist.

SeeBee Photography

It is a beautiful and secluded little area, right off of 23.  You can’t hear cars or people. Just nature.

SeeBee Photography

Silence…is golden.