Mr. & Mrs. Kiefer

So quite a few months ago, seems like a lifetime ago, a friend asked me to photograph her wedding.  Since we worked together, I pretty much knew every detail already.  I eagerly said yes!  I was honored.

Finally the big day came.  It was a bit rainy and cold, but I think everyone was so excited that it didn’t matter.

SeeBee Photography

Look at that gorgeous bouquet…it matched the dress perfectly.

SeeBee Photography

Like I told Whitney…I didn’t care that the veil was blowing in front of her face because that smile is just too cute!

SeeBee Photography

They really seem so in love and it is wonderful.

SeeBee Photography

Took a few tries to get the rings lined up just right, but I knew they would make a dynamite photo!

Thank you for letting me capture those special memories.

Congratulations again 🙂