Rininger Family

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of seeing a family I hadn’t seen in ages.

(Seriously, that’s a real unit of time.)

The first time I photographed them it was just the two of them.  The second time, they had a little girl.  And now?  Expecting their third.

SeeBee Photography

We weren’t sure where to meet at, because we are 2 hours apart.  However we settled on Sippo Lake Park and it was perfect!

Their were leaves everywhere, and a perfect path.  It was a bit chilly…but they were troopers!

SeeBee Photography

She was being very brave, showing her little sister that it was okay to get your picture taken.

SeeBee Photography

Sophia wasn’t too keen on smiling, even when the family assistant put “bugs” on my head.

SeeBee Photography

Stay adorable Rininger family….shouldn’t be too hard, especially with a little boy almost here.



Maternity Session – The Gilson’s

Another maternity session!  One thing I love about doing these sessions is that I now see these little nuggets (babies) afterwards and they are too cute for words.

SeeBee PhotographyFor this session we went to a park between both of our homes.  It was way off the beaten path and void of people.  Perfect!

SeeBee Photography

There was a small clearing and the weather was near perfect, it’s always just the wind we have problems with.

SeeBee PhotographyThis is such a classic and wonderful maternity shot.  All 3 family members in one.  Little guys first picture!

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 2.34.59 PM
I love barn door backdrops, especially red.

SeeBee Photography

Baby boys first pair of sandals.

SeeBee Photography

Heather brought this pretty blue polka dot ribbon to the session, she was ready to pop!

Turns out it was good we did this session when we did, because baby William came early.


Maternity Session – Walker

So, let me start off by saying this was such a fun shoot.  Not only were there SO many places to photograph on this property, but it was a gorgeous day!

SeeBee Photography

Does it really get much cuter than that?  I don’t think so….

SeeBee Photography

Her son Jayden was a hoot.  He was making me laugh the whole time.

SeeBee Photography

I absolutely love this photograph of her silhouetted by the window!

SeeBee Photography

Such an adorable little family.  I am always honored to capture such precious memories.